Saturday Adult Open Classes

11:00-11:50 準上級ビジネス

This class is at a very popular time on Saturday morning. You can sleep in a bit, go to class and then get on with your day. The students are keen on improving their business conversation skills for in the office and for overseas business trips.

15:00-15:50 中級クラス

These students have been studying for over three years. It is a fun and friendly class. We have fantastic lessons every week and talk about many interesting topics.

16:30-17:20 Open







18:30-19:20 中級クラス

This class would suit people who have a busy Saturday morning schedule and would like to study in the evening. The students in the class are friendly and dedicated.

19:30-20:20 上級ビジネス

A fine way to end a Saturday. This class is for higher level students who would like to learn and practice using advanced vocabulary and phrases.

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